Mindful Movement:  Staff was trained this August by 1000 Petals to integrate Mindful Movement into the school day.  20 minutes everyday, students and staff participate in C.H.I.M.E. (Calm Happy Invigorating Mindful Movement–named by the students) and go through a series of movements and breathing techniques to help with self regulation, invigorating the self, and letting go of any stressors in one’s life.  To help, we had 3 teachers and 3 students participate in an intensive weekend training at the start of October.

P.E.A.S.E. Community Building Days:  Once a month, we move all of the students’ academic classes into the morning and the afternoon is used to share a community meal and engage in a fun afternoon activity that promotes unity and accountability amongst students and their peers.

Recovery Renewal:  The Tuesday before Thanksgiving break and the Thursday before Spring Break, the school suspends classes for the day and the students engage in day long programing of recovery speakers and activities to help students enter the holidays and spring break get through these potential difficult times with their recovery intact.

Parents of P.E.A.S.E. Support Group:  The first Thursday of every month (6-8 p.m.), except for January and April when it is the 2nd Thursday, our school’s Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor meets with families to help them better support their children.  Each month a different topic is discussed.  Of equal importance to the skills being taught to the parents is the peer support that they experience with each other.

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