Register today for the 2023 Summer Academy! The academy will be held Tuesday, June 27th through Thursday, June 29th.

The annual Summer Seek to Learn Academy provides high school students from all over Minnesota the opportunity to get the “college experience”. Students stay in the dorms at FDLTCC during the three-day, two-night Academy. Each day provides a new experience for students to explore college and career opportunities, develop college readiness skills, learn about the programs at FDLTCC through mock college classes, participate in Ojibwe Language classes, and build new friendships with other Academy participants. The Summer Academy is free to students and is open to students entering grades 9-12 in high school.

If you would like more information about the Summer Seek to Learn Academy, contact Ariel Johnson at or at 218-879-0871.

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Seek to Learn (Nandagikendan) Academy

The Nandagikendan Seek to Learn Academy provides students with the core knowledge of what it takes to get started in college and how to be successful in college. From supporting high school students with college readiness skills to helping FDLTCC college students build study and life skills, the Seek to Learn Academy supports learners in discovering their education and career aspirations.