Hello, Banaadir North Academy

When you stop into Banaadir North you will be greeted by Ms. Warsame at the front desk. She’s new to Banaadir North and excited to get to know all the students and families. She helps everyone find where they need to go, including me.

Principal Joe Hutchins walked with me around the school bright and early in the morning. Every class we passed was hard at work and paying attention.

We stopped in one of the kindergarten classrooms. Some students were learning on computers, some were hard at work at their tables, and kindergarten teacher, Ms. Krueger, was working one-on-one with a student to see just what he knew about numbers. I sat with them for a bit and enjoyed being a part of learning taking place.

During this early part of the school year, especially in a K-6 school, “it’s all about relationships,” that’s what 3rd grade teacher Soham Sengupta shared. Watching Mr. Sengupta’s third graders punch the air with what they are learning about nouns “person, place, thing …” you can see that he has the relationship-thing working well.

We peeked into the science laboratory and heard students yell “teamwork is the name of the game!”

Banaadir North Academy had a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of learning going on in each and every one of its rooms.

We are committed to making school work for families. The classes are small and still open at this K-6 program, with its 7-12 secondary program just a few miles away. If you are looking for an academic and caring environment for a student—you certainly want to take a look at Banaadir North.

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