Three Minnesota Transitions Charter Schools came together in celebration and honor of Black History Month (which was rescheduled from February because of winter weather school closings). MTCS District staff member, Ms. Rainey, coordinated a 3-school celebration in the beautiful, packed full, MTS Secondary gym.

MTS Elementary kindergarten and first graders launched the event by leading the crowd in Lift Every Voice and Sing. The entire gym clapped and sang along.

MTS Secondary teacher, Mr. Brown read The Weary Blues, by Langston Hughes, followed by the rousing beat of the Bucket Drummers of MTS. Student, Quintarius, Q, played his rendition of Where’d You Sleep Last Night, by Ledbelly to cheers and chanting “Q, Q, Q, Q!”

Special guest speaker and author Kiristen Robinson shared her artistic journey with the students, You Got This: Finding Your Passion and Mastering Your Life. “You’re going to have struggles—you have to learn from them and move forward.” Robinson shared. “Pursue your longings. You are here for a reason.”

P.E.A.S.E. Academy Chemical Dependency Counselor, Mr. Brown, wrote and performed a piece Through a Black Man’s Eyes, where he shared a moving walk through his own personal journey, “Can I just be me, a black man, the way I choose to define me, a black man?”

The event wrapped up in dance. First the talented Dancers of MTS, led by Mr. Blackburn performed to much applause. And then two students from each program, and two staff were chosen for a dance contest. The laughter and delight filled the gym!

Three schools, coming together, celebrating ourselves, our community and black history.