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About MTCS

We are MTCS, a K-12 academic community. In 1995, we began with one school, the Minnesota Transition Charter School, and have since grown into a collaboration of nine learning options – each having their own focus and personality. Like our programs, we know that each child is unique with their own set of strengths, interests and needs, and we want to build on these. It’s a one step at a time process – one success that builds on another until they have reached their goal. We are here to guide your student along their own path to college and/or careers.

Our core purpose is to empower each student and ensure that all students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to experience success in their future.

Nondiscrimination Contact Information

Equal Educational Opportunity Policy

About MTCS

Just For You

Our schools are a great place for your child because we offer:

  • A variety of learning opportunities to meet the needs of students (see below)
  • Welcoming environments for students with diverse backgrounds
  • Small classes to provide personalized learning and individual attention
  • Caring staff invested in your child’s future
  • Transportation within the Minneapolis area (some exceptions may apply)
  • Great spaces, locations and environments for learning
  • Work study options, credentials and career prep

Learning Opportunities

  • STEM – Learning opportunities inspired by science, technology, engineering, and math, so that all students have the chance to reach their full potential
  • Blended Learning – Combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods; gives the student some choice over time, place, path or pace
  • JROTC Leadership – A character and leadership development program available to MTS middle and high school students
  • Online – Part-time and full-time flexible learning solutions to help you graduate and find success
  • Careers and Work Experience Program – Offers theory and practical experience for employment and entry into college and post-secondary training options after high school
  • Digital Music Program – Currently an after-school program, students have access to a recording studio to compose, record and collaborate

MTCS Core Values

We hold ourselves and our students accountable to demonstrate these core values:

Be Respectful

  • Show consideration for self, others and property
Be Responsible
  • Carry out obligations in a dependable manner
  • Acknowledge the consequences and rewards of one’s choices
  • Contribute to society
Appreciate and Celebrate Diversity
  • Recognize and honor the dignity of each individual
  • Celebrate differences among culture, gender and ability
  • Work cooperatively with others and resolve conflicts
Have Integrity
  • Display honesty, perseverance, confidence and pride
  • Show the courage of your convictions
  • Be trustworthy
Have Compassion for Others
  • Show empathy, generosity, kindness, patience and sensitivity


Minnesota Transitions Charter School is authorized by Pillsbury United Communities (PUC). PUC creates choice, change, and connection. PUC charter schools:

  • Offer bold and innovative educational strategies
  • Provide an environment that promotes respect for all students and their individual identities
  • Engage students in academic and authentic learning opportunities, service learning, and personal development
Contact Information:
Larry McKenzie, Charter School Liaison
Urban Institute- Charter Authorization Department
125 West Broadway Avenue, Suite 100
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411
MTCS Charter Contract

MTCS School Sites

Banaadir Academy – North Campus (Grades K-6)
A place to become a responsible, competent and prepared lifelong learner as well as a conscientious citizen. Focused ELL Program to provide instruction for academic and linguistic competence.

Banaadir Academy – South Campus (Grades K-6)
Where academic excellence and cultural values coexist.

Banaadir Math & Science (Grades 7-9)
An extension of Banaadir Academy with a focus on math and science (STEM).

MTS Elementary School (Grades K-6)
A place for your child to grow, blossom and develop friendships in a family feel community.

MTS Secondary School (Grades 7-12)
A caring community with blended learning options and a focus on individualized learning, support and opportunities.

General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy (Grades 9-10)
Small, personalized high school program with a strong focus on academics and  leadership skills, community service, citizenship and character development.

P.E.A.S.E. Academy (Grades 9-12)
The nation’s oldest recovery school that offers a quality educational experience that is centered on healing.

MN Virtual High School (Grades 7-12)
A personalized online learning experience to prepare students to be successful contributors in an evolving global community.

MN Connections Academy (K-12)
MTCS is host to MN Connections Academy, an affiliate of the national Connections Academy. MN Connections Academy is able to offer K-12 online education in Minnesota because of their relationship with MTCS.

The K-12 academic community of MTCS is the largest group of charter schools in the state of Minnesota. We are a tuition-free, public school with nine options that serve students in the Twin Cities metro area through our brick and mortar school sites, as well as greater Minnesota through our online options.

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