About MTS

students-standingMTS is a great place, a Charter School District, actually.

Patty Brostrom, our Superintendent says this about the value of Charter schools “They give parents and teachers more say in education.” And at MTS that has led to a lot of exciting programs to meet the changing needs of students. We believe in our students – that with the right options and opportunities they can do anything. Kindergarten through Grade twelve we provide students with hands on experiences, great education and a great community. 

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What We Believe

With student opportunity in mind, MTS began in 1997 and we’ve been educating students ever since. This year we added the Sports & Rec Academy in our High School so students exploring careers in sports, like management, medicine and playing, could give it a try while in high school.

We have two different in-school elementary programs and a virtual learning program for Elementary students – and the same is true for Middle School. In high school not only do we have a great high school in-school or online, but we also have specialized Career Academy Prep programs where students not only get to explore areas they are interested in, they can graduate with skills and even credentials to start careers right away or after college. Options. We like them here at MTS.

But the right school isn’t only about learning, it’s also community and we invest in that. One parent said, “MTS is like family, everybody cares about your child.” We’re proud of that. We are the MTS Wolves with teams in Basketball, Baseball, Softball and Soccer (other sports are offered cooperatively with other schools).

We provide many ways for kids to not just graduate, but to be prepared for college, careers and life. Come and see. We would love to give you a tour.

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