students-standingMTS is a great place, a Charter School District, actually.

Patty Brostrom, our Superintendent says this about the value of Charter schools “They give parents and teachers more say in education.” And at MTS that has led to a lot of exciting programs to meet the changing needs of students. We believe in our students – that with the right options and opportunities they can do anything. Kindergarten through Grade twelve we provide students with hands on experiences, great education and a great community.

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MTS is a strong school district, established in 1997 to offer students a solid education. We offer a lot of innovative options—every student learns differently, and we work with students and families to create the right experience. MTS was one of the first schools offering online education in Minnesota. We are committed to helping young people prepare for their whole lives, not just school. We start career focused exploration as early as kindergarten.

  • Our elementary students (elementary home) spent an entire third of the year in multi-aged groups called Family Groups, having visitors sharing their careers—with over 90 different careers explored. Family Groups are a unique concept in MTS Elementary. Mixed aged groups, Kindergarterners through 5th grader, meet each Friday morning with 2 teachers and explore this year: Careers, Arts, and Science.  Learning becomes fun, no one wants to miss Family Group day!
  • Our Middle school students (middle home) are writing letters to colleges and making plans for their future, college banners hang throughout the school and students visit the University of Minnesota and other community schools to get a sense of what college is like. Their principal will tell you, “dreams start early.” We start dreams at MTS Middle School.
  • In the High School, we continue strong academics and career study by offering students opportunities to specialize in Leadership (JROTC), Digital Media, Sports Career Academy, and Trade Skills.  We also put together internships and work programs for students. Next year we plan to offer a terrific Business program, giving our students strong basic skills in business functions, keyboarding, accounting, etc.
    “MTS is a lot more than a regular high school experience, I am graduating with a year’s worth of college credit, work experience, and so many leadership experiences in JROTC!” says one successful student.
  • We also have a great K-8 program, Banaadir Academy, which offers Arabic and has a special focus on English language learning, giving students a strong foundation. Banaadir’s big campus is a great community environment where parents are welcome and included and where values and culture can mingle with great education.

MTS is committed to our students and families. A good education is more than the basic curriculum, it’s relationships, opportunities, and experiences that prepare students for what they’ll need to succeed in college, work, and, well, life! Read about one of our 2014 graduating seniors and his experience.

One parent said,

“MTS is like family, everybody cares about your child.”
We’re proud of that. We are the MTS Wolves with teams in Basketball, Baseball, Softball and Soccer (other sports are offered cooperatively with other schools) .

In a nutshell, here are a few specific reasons why MTS really is a different and wonderful school for your student:

You can live all over the metro area and still come to MTS, the right school isn’t always a community school. We provide transportation all over the metro—even if you have to move, your school can stay the same. Let us know where you live, and we’ll look into options.

There are so many opportunities for success; we help every student create a path for success.

We are a large district that’s been around for a long time, which means we have resources that other smaller schools do not: like full sports teams, work study options, credentials and career prep, and lots of great staff.

We provide many ways for students to not just graduate, but to be prepared for college, careers and life. Come and see. We would love to give you a tour

Here are some additional resources and information about MTS that you may find helpful.