MTCS has so many options. Whether you are looking for a K-12 classroom program, or an online program—or a mixture of both—we have something that’s just right for you.

Already know what program you are interested in and ready to enroll?

MTCS is here for you.

Student success is all about getting just what you need when you need it.  Because we are a large, state-wide program, we have resources that many schools don’t and access to lots of great support and opportunities.  And because we have so many programs within this big academic community, we can offer  (and we do!) small classroom sizes, online options, and all kinds of resources so that students succeed, stay in school and graduate.

So, you get lots of attention, because our classes are small and lots of choices and opportunities because our Academic Community is big!

MTCS helps students succeed in school, learn, and get ready for their futures.

MTCS is a school you can count on!

Minnesota Transitions Charter School began in 1995.  For more than twenty years MTCS has been supporting students and families all around Minnesota.  Our classroom based programs are all in Twin Cities metropolitan area and our online programs are statewide.

MTCS Schools are state approved, public charter schools.  MTCS quality education prepares students for what’s next in their lives—including college and careers.