MTCS Mission

We are a student-centered learning community that inspires and supports all learners to achieve excellence through equitable, relevant learning experiences.

MTCS Core Values

We hold ourselves and our students accountable to demonstrate these core values:

Be Respectful

  • Show consideration for self, others and property

Be Responsible

  • Carry out obligations in a dependable manner
  • Acknowledge the consequences and rewards of one’s choices
  • Contribute to society

Appreciate and Celebrate Diversity

  • Recognize and honor the dignity of each individual
  • Celebrate differences among culture, gender and ability
  • Work cooperatively with others and resolve conflicts

Have Integrity

  • Display honesty, perseverance, confidence and pride
  • Show the courage of your convictions
  • Be trustworthy

Have Compassion for Others

  • Show empathy, generosity, kindness, patience and sensitivity