Family Links & Support

MTCS Social Workers & Family Liaisons

Adam Brosz
P.E.A.S.E. Academy Social Worker

Courtney Stenseth
MTCS Social Worker

Wendy Lorenz-Walraven
Latino Worker – Special Education

Mara Mosenden
Social Worker

Sharmarke Elmi
Banaadir South – Family Liaison

Mahad Mohamed
Banaadir North – Family Liaison

Santhi Sheehan
MN Virtual – Student Support A-K

Kristi Thao
MN Virtual – Student Support L-Z

Fowzie Mohamed
Banaadir Math & Science – Family Liaison

Mary Wattley
MTS Secondary and Powell Leadership Academy
Family Liaison/Teen Parent Advocate

As school social workers, we are viewed as the link between the school, home and the community.

We are a part of the educational team to promote and support students academic and social success by providing services that may include:

  • Assessing student needs

  • Help manage mental health symptoms

  • Individual and group therapeutic services

  • Crisis intervention and prevention

  • Work with both general education and special education students

  • Advocating for students

  • Education and training for parents and staff

  • Information and collaboration with community resources

  • Knowledgeable about rights for our homeless students and families

School social workers help students to:

  • cope with difficult and crisis situations

  • develop self-esteem

  • learn problem solving, conflict resolution, and healthy decision making skills

  • have positive and healthy relationships