North Campus
Grades K-6

North Campus Grades K-6
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South Campus
Grades K-6

South Campus Grades K-6
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Math & Science
Grades 7-12

Math & Science Grades 7-9
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About Banaadir Academy

Banaadir Academy is a member of MTCS | K-12 Academic Community, and has three campuses – two for K-6 (North and South) and one for grades 7-9 (Math & Science).

The Minnesota Transitions Charter School’s core purpose is to empower each student and ensure that all students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to experience success in their future.

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News & Events

2018 Banaadir Picnic Celebration

July 31st, 2018|

Students and families celebrate at the 2018 Banaadir Annual Picnic this past June.  Stormy weather brought the event inside, but did not dampen the fun [...]

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