FT Enrollment Instructions with Videos

  1. Go to mtcs.schoolmint.net
  2. Scroll down slightly and click “create account”
  3. Create username (email recommended) and password
  4. Fill out guardian information > click on Next
  5. Fill out student information > click on Next
  1. Select school year
  2. Select Student
  3. Select Current Grade and Grade Applying to (they may be the same or different depending on if you’re applying for current school year or next school year)
  4. Select Program
  5. Confirm details and Continue
  1. Each blue bar is a separate section
  2. “Save and Continue Later” at any time
  3. Signature can be done with mouse on computer or finger on a smart phone
  1. JPEG, PNG, PDF are all acceptable
  2. Upload from your computer or from a picture on your phone
  3. Talk to admissions if you have trouble determining what you have available to provide
  1. If you missed anything, it will scroll up and outline it in red
  2. Admissions will be in touch with you soon