Homebound Instruction

Who is eligible for Homebound Instruction?

Minnesota Transitions Charter School provides homebound instruction to students in grades K-12 who have been absent or are predicted to be absent from school for fifteen (15) days or more due to a medical condition, disability, suspension, or expulsion. Medical documentation is required when the absence is related to a medical condition. Homebound instruction is overseen by the Director of Special Education.

What type of services do students receive through Homebound Instruction?

Homebound instruction is designed to allow students to continue their educational program when they are unable to attend school. Homebound instruction can only be provided to the student during the period the student is absent from regular classes for up to one hour per membership day missed.

A parent or guardian must be available with the student during homebound instruction. If an adult cannot be present, instruction takes place in a public location such as a public library.

If you feel that your child has a need for homebound instruction, please contact the principal at your child’s school or the Director of Special Education at 612-235-5932.

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