Many variables continue to impact the decisions being made to continue Distance learning or the Hybrid model. At MTCS, safety for our students, staff and communities is always a priority. With that being said, we continue to monitor COVID-19 data along with the needs of students, staff and families. Additionally, because each school is tailored to specific needs, we know that there is no one solution for all programs.

Therefore, along with monitoring COVID-19, thoughtful listening, data gathered with surveys, staff and family input and a constant focus upon doing the very best we can for our scholars will continue to guide the direction of our learning models.

Each site will be implementing various approaches, at various times, based upon site specific information. Please visit your school website (by clicking the school’s button below) to see the plans for your school in the coming weeks. This will be updated as information changes. And you can always reach out to your Director for specifics regarding next steps with various learning models and your program.

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