MTCS is proud to take part in celebrations of Native American Heritage Month. Minnesota has a rich Native American Indian history and there are many wonderful events and museums to check out.

This resource guide gives you a few ideas of things you can explore in the area, as well as information on a new Native American Indian Education program at MTCS.

If you are interested in learning more about the advisory committee, or participating, join us on Tuesday, November 19 at 5:30 for a bowl of chili and fry bread and important circle conversation. This event will take place at the MTCS School Office, 2872 26th Avenue, South in Minneapolis.

The Native American Indian Education program is a special support group for Native American students and families. MTCS received a grant, to help us create an advisory committee, and with staff so that we can offer the resources and supports students need to stay in school and graduate. MTCS is thrilled to be working with students and families to provide the individualized resources students need to thrive and succeed.

MTC is the largest charter organization in the state with rich in-school programs, grades K-12, in the Minneapolis area, and two large online programs, allowing us to reach students statewide and support them.

View the Resource Guide (PDF)