On the first day of school, I toured eight of the nine MTCS schools. Want to see what was going on?

And, by the way, I am Jenny Buck, Director of Communications for MTCS. Superintendent Brian Erlandson and I have big plans to visit all the schools throughout the year and talk with students, staff and families. We look forward to sharing the stories.

First stop, the MTCS K-12 Academic Community headquarters—where Superintendent, Brian Erlandson wishes everyone a great new year. “MTCS K-12 Academy has some big plans and we look forward to sharing in the lives of each of our students. The opportunity for growth and development is abundant and we are honored and privileged to support our amazing students this year. Take a look at the options and opportunities right here at MTCS!”

MTCS is all about options, and what better way to see your options than on the move on the first day of school (and it’s not too late to enroll!)

Second stop, Banaadir Academy North Campus, just down the road a bit from the Minneapolis Farmers Market. Banaadir North is one of three schools that specializes in remarkable resources tailored for students and families. Being there bright and early, I caught the early introductions of staff and students, with all eyes on the teachers as they shared expectations and how things work this new year.

Just under 2 miles away, I stopped in beautiful MTS Elementary in creative Northeast Minneapolis. I lucked-out and bumped into kindergartners and first graders practicing how to walk as a group through the halls, and doing a bit of exploring—even some skits from the teachers! Fifth grade was putting together their work bins, and getting their space all ready for the year’s work. Doing a bit of dinosaur hunting in a circle, with quite a bit of giggling, was a happy bunch of second grade students.

Next-up, near University of Minnesota and Augsburg College, I stopped in at P.E.A.S.E. Academy where a small cohort of high school students learn while also getting the support and resources they need to stay sober and strong. “It’s going to be a great year!” Mike Durchslag, director of this program said.

Now back to the District office, which is also the home of Banaadir Math and Science Academy, MTS Secondary School and the General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy.

Over in the MTS High School area, I overheard Science teacher, Mr. O., tell the class as they walked into his room, “When you come here, I will be smiling at everyone and I’ll meet you right here,” he stood at the doorway and greeted each student.

Exciting things are planned for the digital arts and music programs at MTS Secondary. And classical music wafted about in the fine arts room. In addition, those lunch tables stood ready and waiting.

I snuck into a few of the Banaadir Math & Science classrooms just to hear a bit of English and Math classes at work. Plans for the year were divulged—students were completely engaged.

The Powell Leadership Academy has a new Colonel leading the program this year who I can’t wait to introduce to you soon.

This whole big building, right in the heart of Minneapolis near the Lake Street light rail station, bustled with a new year.

And then, I drove to the Minnesota State Fair Grounds where Minnesota Virtual High School was one of the KS95 radio sponsors. I got my MNVHS pen and read the brochure about online school, full or part-time, grades 7-12. This completely flexible program means, you can do a little school in the morning, head on over to the Great Minnesota Get-Together for a bucket of Sweet Martha cookies (ok, that’s what I had, along with some cheese curds and a pronto pup!) and go back home and finish up school. Now I’d say that’s pretty sweet flexibility.

Next month we’ll check in at Connections Academy online and hear all about their new year—a school-day online program.

The thing about MTCS K-12 Academic Community is: You belong—no matter who you are, where you’ve been, where you want to go, or how you need to learn—we work with you to create a school program that is exactly right for you. Our culture and our options embrace all. And we mean it.

I am looking forward to sharing news from all the schools with you all year. I’ll also share resources and information to help students and families get the most out of this 2018/19 school year!

Superintendent Erlandson and I are going to be out and about all year talking with students, parents and staff and we’ll share that on the website and social media I hope you come back often.