Where Are The Families Now: P.E.A.S.E. Family KreyeGod bless you and all the wonderful staff at P.E.A.S.E. for making a difference in our broken world.  Love you all!!

Our son Matthew attended P.E.A.S.E Academy for his junior and senior years in high school.  P.E.A.S.E provided him a safe, sober, healthy environment for him to attend school.  While he got off to a rocky start, he settled in and graduated in the spring of 2014.  Our family is so very grateful for the wonderful staff at P.E.A.S.E, as Matt not only graduated, he thrived at P.E.A.S.E and it was a catalyst for him to go on to graduate from Augsburg University, play college football, graduate as a Dean’s list student, get engaged to a wonderful woman, and most importantly, work a dedicated program of recovery focused on humility and service to others.  As parents, we are eternally grateful for P.E.A.S.E.  Quite simply, it probably saved his life.

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Where Are The Families Now: P.E.A.S.E. Family Kreye