Taking a break from his busy schedule of running the city of Minneapolis, Mayor Jacob Frey recently visited both Banaadir Elementary and Banaadir Academy. Two creative and dedicated teachers arranged the visits from the Mayor, so students could meet and ask questions of him.

When Mayor Frey and his team entered Banaadir Elementary, you might have thought a favorite actor, musician or athlete had come for a visit, “Mayor Frey!” the elementary students yelled, and circled around him. “Do you know what I heard?” the Mayor asked them, “I heard you are some of the smartest students in Minneapolis!” Banaadir Academy teacher, Ms. Farah arranged for the Mayor to visit the students at Banaadir Elementary.

He offered students advice, “You don’t quit. You try. And you get up every day and you do the right thing. And you’re kind to others. And then do incredible things that make the world a better place.”

At Banaadir Academy, the Mayor met with Seniors and a few other special hardworking and enthusiastic students in Mr. Edgars Social Studies classroom. After the Major greeted them in the Somali language, students had the chance to ask question. They had a lot of thoughtful questions, and the Mayor shared that the city of Minneapolis was expecting great things from them.