The General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy staff and students welcomed United States Army Lieutenant Governor Gervais to the leadership room to share thoughts about her career and service, as well as answer student questions.

“I am standing here because of the things I got to do,” the General shared to the room of students.  “I challenged myself in ways I never thought I could. So can you. There is always a path to where you want to go. Focus on what you are doing. Focus on the opportunity right in front of you.”

Students asked many questions about her long, successful military service. From questions about her time overseas, what has been particularly challenging and rewarding and of course, to what it was like to jump out of a plane, which the General shared in such extraordinary detail, students could nearly feel what it was like to be sucked into the sky from the open doorway of a plane.

One of the things that makes a JROTC program so good is its focus on character, values, and leadership. Two students received special recognition by the General for their leadership at Powell Leadership Academy.

“I can see the potential in each of you. You’re the future.”

Following the event, Director Fondow toured Lieutenant General Gervais around the beautiful school campus and they talked about the many opportunities to support young people as they build bold futures.