Artist and cartoonist, Jason Folkerts, recently joined Banaadir Elementary students in the library to try their hand at art. His visit is part of Banaadir Elementary’s commitment to bringing in community members to share gifts with students so they learn new skills and talents.

“It’s amazing what you have in your hand,” he said, and each student looked at their pencil, a common school tool, with a newfound interest. “Hold it lightly. Draw lightly.” He showed students some of his artwork, and then proceeded to guide them into creation by using 3 shapes to create anything. Each student created their own character, many of them resembling superheroes.

Students learned that the eyebrows are the facial feature that tell what the character is feeling. The eyebrows move the eyes, change the mouth, and transform everything.

At the end of the class time together, the artist shared tip #4 of art making: have your own style. After students finished their drawings, they walked through the room and looked at each other’s work. Each piece was unique and reflective of each individual.

Banaadir Elementary is a K-5 school nestled in Northeast Minneapolis with staff dedicated to creating a strong, positive school experience.