Distance learning is new for a lot of families all around the world.  It’s a real time for learning and connecting in new ways and we are in it together, as this story highlights.  

One mother, Charity, took a few minutes to share a text with her son Sam’s 6th grade teacher, Ms. Misgen.  Charity spoke of her new appreciation for the work teachers do every day in this heartfelt text that reads:

“I am eternally grateful for your ability to teach the children and I have a newfound deeper respect for what you do!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  You are the true hero in many ways!  I’m grateful I can see things from your perspective now!  It has been an eye opening experience that all the families needed!  Thank you again and many blessings!  You have created a smooth process for the non-teacher parents to help our kids!”

So, though we all wish we could be back in the classrooms together, there are some very wonderful moments happening all around where we are seeing each other in new ways, appreciating what we have, and learning a lot of new skills.  

MTS Elementary is committed to each and every student and exactly what each child needs to succeed.  

Thank you Charity for sharing your appreciation, Sam for learning in a new situation, and Ms. Misgen for being there for students and families so learning continues in new ways.

Appreciating Teachers