As the holiday season is upon us, Ms. Crews’ Life and Study Skills classes have been focusing on “values” this term from attributes such as compassion, good manners and kindness. They put those values into action this past Wednesday, December 16th, as Ms. Crews shared with the class a story from Kare11 about a seven year-old girl, Safarye, from Schenectady, NY. Safyre had been burned over a majority of her body due to an arson attack that took the lives of her entire family and left her homeless.

Ms. Crews provided the Christmas cards and the students spent time during one of the Life and Study skills class periods writing cards for Safyre in hopes to brighten up her holiday season.

Chlo Hines, a senior at MTCS demonstrated his values through writing a card and sending a teddy bear in hopes to add a little more cheer to Safyre’s Christmas this season.

“It is one thing to discuss values in theory in class but a whole other level when you see your students displaying those values through their actions,” said Ms. Crews. “There are no words. When Chlo asked if he could give Safyre a teddy bear, shared Ms. Crews, I choked up.”

This is just one of many ways in which MTCS students are developing their best selves and becoming the leaders of tomorrow.