Well, the summer is almost over! Hope you had a good one.

In MTCS celebration style, we are hosting a student, family, community and staff event on August 18, Saturday, from 10 AM until 2 PM, right out front of the District office in the parking lot. All MTCS schools are still enrolling students, so whether you are coming back, or exploring a new school—come see us on August 18!

Along with meeting staff (and the new Superintendent, Brian Erlandson!) and fellow students and families, you are sure to have a great time: eating fresh made donuts, having a free hotdog and other snacks, and all kinds of fun activities and entertainment, and drawings for prizes. We hope you will join us.

And along with having a great time, you can also tour the schools, register, schedule classes and even confirm transportation. Staff will be on hand to answer any questions you have.

MTCS has so many options for you to succeed in school all the way from kindergarten to getting a high school diploma. At MTCS, school comes just about any way you need it—online programs, in-school programs at five different locations, and a blending of online and in-school so you can get the classes you need—we know that how you learn is important and we want it to be your way.

Here are the Event details:

MTCS Celebration and Welcome Back Event
WHEN: Saturday, August 18, from 10am to 2pm
WHERE: 2872 26th Avenue, South in Minneapolis
Call 612.722.9013 for more information

Join us for food and fun activities and register, schedule and confirm transportation all at once.

MTCS Celebration August 18, from 10-2!