New Electives Give Students more Experiences at Minnesota Virtual High School

Minnesota Virtual High School (MVHS) is offering two new electives this semester – forensic science and online literacy prep.

Forensic Science

Taught by Lindsey Meuwissen

In the new forensic science elective, you can learn about the importance of forensic science in the justice system and its limitations. You can learn how to process a crime scene, collect and preserve evidence and analyze ballistic evidence such as fingerprints, blood spatter, and DNA. Finally, you can learn about the forensic investigative methods that are used in arson crimes, computer crimes, financial crimes and forgeries.

Online Literacy Prep

Taught by Martin Lukaszewski

Online Literacy Prep is a new elective developed by a group of PLC members at Virtual High School. The goal of this class is not only to introduce students to a variety of academic language and readings, but to improve the comprehension and vocabulary of each student. This class is piloting the use of Reading Plus curriculum, an innovative program that provides a personalized reading program based on a student’s abilities. Reading Plus is proven to increase achievement in students by developing the physical, cognitive and emotional domains of reading.

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