For a number of years, Ms. Katie, at MTS Elementary, has organized a very special annual event in honor of Read Across American Day and to celebrate literacy: Reading Under the Stars. The gym was transformed into a beautiful camping scene, with tents and twinkling lights and even a small campfire, with fabric flames blowing in red light. The lights were off, except for the twinkling star lights, and lanterns and flashlights were available all around.

When the students entered the gym, you could hear all the “whoa, wow, ohs, this is so cool” from every child. This beautiful transformation happened in their gym, just for them to have a time, with favorite books, the sounds of crickets and a comfy place to sit with friends and read awhile.

Principal Sofio added a new element this year—guests and staff around the MTCS district were invited to come and read their favorite books to the students. Executive Director, Fondow shared a favorite, so did a number of other directors, teachers, and the school nurse. 

If you wonder what kind of community school MTS Elementary is, this scene really highlights what makes it so unique and wonderful—the very close, caring community where every student is known and celebrated for exactly who they are.