MTCS was shown to have made significant progress in improving performance with the release of the new MMR ratings by the Minnesota Department of Education.

The MMR, Multiple Measurement Rating, looks at the proficiency, growth, achievement gap reduction and graduate rates of the schools. Schools are assigned points based on their performance in these areas and the total MMR is the percentage of possible points that the school earned.

Leading MTCS in the upward surge is MTCS High School, which went from a previous score of 47.61 percent to 60.25 percent. Also showing significant progress were MTCS Elementary, which went from 3.63 percent to 14.4 percent, and Banaadir Academy, which rose from 25.93 percent to 34.75 percent. Minnesota Virtual High School also gained, moving from 33.02 percent to 36.96 percent.

MTCS Middle School had a lower rating, shifting from 17.82 percent to 9.40 percent. The Middle school was incorporated in MTCS High for the 2016-2017 school year. Connections Academy also showed a decline, with its MMR rating going from 48.34 percent to 27.83 percent.

The MMR is a school performance measure used to hold schools accountable under the federal Elementary and High Education Act’s Flexibility Waiver.

Schools may only receive an MMR if they have sufficient student data in at least two of the four of MMR areas.