CELEBRATING KELLY DIETRICH - A CHARTER SCHOOL LEADERMTCS celebrates leaders in our schools and one of these leaders is the MTCS Director of Special Education, Kelly Dietrich.

One of the great things about being part of the Minnesota Transitions Charter School staff is the opportunity to pursue leadership and develop excellence in unique ways—growing skills and talents that ultimately benefit student learning. MTCS is committed to supporting staff and encourages staff to be constant learners, work in cross-disciplinary teams, engage students, families and fellow staff and to be leaders in the community. Ms. Dietrich is a leader in her field, and a champion for all students.

First, Kelly recently received the Patriot’s award. Reservist, Andrea Tooley nominated Kelly for the award which was presented to Kelly in a leadership meeting. Andrea shared how important it was to feel supported and successful when she was away fulfilling her reservist duties.

“It takes everyone to pick up the slack when a team member is out for service. I think we often forget who we are outside of work—the important things people do. It matters that we do what we can to make our whole lives work. The real honor is on Andrea who is serving the Country in such an important way.” Kelly said.

Second, MTCS wants to congratulate Kelly on her recent appointment to serve on the Board of the School Administrator’s Review Team of Southwest State University Administrators Leadership Program. According to the Board of School Administrators, Kelly is the first charter school staff person to ever be appointed to a BOSA Review Team of a University Education Leadership Program. Kelly’s voice and wisdom to this work that is devoted to experimental and transformational leadership for Principals, Superintendents and Special Education Directors, is very important.

Her work on this team will benefit students and leaders for decades to come.