MTCS is thrilled to celebrate and honor the gifts, talents and unique traditions of Native Americans. MTCS has a vibrant and expanding Indigenous Education Program that supports Native American students in all of our schools. We also fully enjoy the month of November’s opportunity to go deeper into some of the beautiful traditions and share them with students and staff.

The MTCS Indigenous program coordinator arranged a beautiful display of artifacts and information in the MTCS District and MTS Secondary building.

Following the Indigenous games and movement experience, the schools were visited by the Gakaabikaang Drum and Dance Troupe. Powerful drumming and singing filled the gym and dancers in full dress, complete with feathers and bells. The soulful songs and the deep drumbeat was very moving. The MTCS virtual schools also participated through online connections.

The dancers shared a bit about their background and experience—an important reminder of the beautiful and unique traditions we have to share with one another.