During these first few weeks of school, I’ve travelled around the MTCS district and visited the programs to get know students and staff, and see how all the programs run in real-time. I not only visited classrooms—I visited lunch rooms and custodial rooms—wherever people are, because each MTCS staff person has an impact on students and their success.

Student success – that’s what we’re all about.

So I’d like to take you on this journey with me—all year—so you can see the remarkable things happening in the nine programs that make up Minnesota Transitions Charter School.

Here are some of the things I noted during my first three weeks of visits: caring and dedicated staff, kids feeling safe, welcomed, valued, and people being supported and developed so futures become brighter and dreams become attainable.

MTCS is 100% committed to making our students’ lives better. The work we do together matters.

I am energized and encouraged by what is taking place throughout all of MTCS, with so much genuine care and commitment shown to students.

I will be visiting schools and hearing and sharing stories all year – their stories, your stories, my stories – because MTCS is a big, wonderful, K-12 community where each of us belongs.

I want to know your story.

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Enjoy the journey. Our first stop will be at Banaadir Academy North!

Brian Erlandson, Superintendent

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