Ms. Albin, the MTS and Banaadir Math & Science Art teacher is creating a memorable experience for a few lucky and deserving Banaadir students.  She, another teacher and support from Big City Mountaineers, are taking the students ice climbing eight hours from Minneapolis, in Michigan this week.

In October Ms. Albin asked for essays from students who were interested in heading off to Michigan for a few days to ice climb.  Eight eager girls were chosen for the expedition and have been training outdoors, and at Vertical Endeavors to prepare for the trip.  They will be ice climbing using actual ice axes, and special outdoor gear and supplies provided by Big City Mountaineers.

Students will spend four nights, and along with climbing, will get to see a special, private screening of a new movie about women climbers.

“This is great; I get to bring my two loves together: teaching and outdoor adventure!” said Ms. Albin.

And the students cannot wait.  Two girls getting fitted for boots and jackets shared.  “I’ve never been outside Minnesota, so, I am excited for that.  I never thought I’d get to do something like this, never.  I want to see what is my limit!”

Another student shared, “I have learned that I like trying new things.  I want to do more things like this!”

Last summer Ms. Albin arranged 3 Boundary Waters canoe trips, which will also happen again this coming summer.  You can see the video from one of those trips right here.

She also took students winter camping.  These kinds of experiences can be transformative—showing students what they are capable of.

Ms. Albin has a long history with Big City Mountaineers where she worked when she was younger, and this work and her love of giving young people cool experiences, is part of what attracted her to education.  “The partnership is really great, and Big City Mountaineers just named our school the Youth Agency Partner of the Year.

We will share the actual trip when they return next week.  Way to go Banaadir Academy!