Banaadir Academy teacher, Mr. Trojan, and student Adna launched a recycling program in the school! The student teacher team has engaged other students in what is now a school-wide effort with a goal of collecting a ton—yep, 2,000 pounds—of recycling.

During seventh hour every other day, Mr. Trojan and Adna choose a couple other students to move through the school and collect all the recycling from bins in the classrooms. Then they weigh it and take it out to the recycling dumpster outside the school.

In just two weeks of working and weighing the recycling, they’ve already recycled more than 150 pounds! And not only is it making the world a better place, students are learning they have an impact on the world. They’ve designed and created posters hung throughout the building, educating classmates on what is recyclable and what is not.

It’s building a real sense of community in the building—and students and staff should be really proud of what they’ve already accomplished!

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