Twice a week during the summer, 2002 National Womens Basketball Association star Tamara Moore advances the skills of 10 to 15 girls in one-hour basketball summer clinics. Beyond dribbling and passing, the new MTCS coach is interested in college readiness. Young girls need to learn the people and social skills, and have the personal development to get into college and build a career, she said.

The basketball season begins on November 16, and runs for 26 games. Moore’s goal is to find 25 to 30 students for the MTCS junior varsity and varsity teams. Her message to parents is to get their daughters in a program that encourages discipline, hard work and dedication. Moore learned from her own experience how to be in the forefront of women’s athletics, and the hard work required to receive college scholarships. She played basketball for Minneapolis North in 1998 and was crowned “Miss Basketball.” After graduation, it was on to the University of Wisconsin, before Moore was chosen as a first round draft pick for the NWBA Miami Sol in 2002.