Logan Starkey has been a Minnesota Virtual High School student for several years, which enabled him to play hockey and pursue his dreams of graduating, getting ready for college and a hockey career. He balanced school before and after lengthy hockey practices.

The program was very successful for Logan because he had flexibility in his schedule. Another reason, and just as important, was the connections and support he got from the program and its staff. He could talk or chat with teachers or counselors whenever he needed help. He created relationships with staff, many who came to watch his hockey games.

Something to know about Minnesota Virtual Schools is we’re 100% Minnesota local–our staff and our curriculum–and that creates a unique opportunity for connection that you won’t find with many other online programs. And we’ve been pioneering virtual learning for sixteen years. We are good at this and we are here for our students in so many unique ways.

And Logan, and the entire class of 2020, we are so proud of your accomplishments especially during these unprecedented times.