Faster, brighter, stronger

General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy has grown faster than expected as it exceeded enrollment projections for this year. Increasing from 20 cadets to 54, the JROTC pod is filled with first year cadets. At 68% of the total enrollment, morale is high as the cadets learn and develop character, integrity, teamwork, courage and commitment.

Each month the cadets vote to honor the brighter amongst them. In September, Cadet Zavion D. was selected to be the Cadet of the Month and recognized for his dedication, character and positive action. A first year freshman cadet from MTS Secondary, Cadet D.’s GPA to date is a 3.95. He plans to go to college after high school and is very interested in studying to become an environmental engineer.

“Cadet D. is an outstanding young man,” says Colonel Neil Hetherington. “Already, he is leading by example. He wears his uniform daily, shows up to formations and classes on time and is prepared to learn.”

The MTCS community congratulates Cadet D., a bright and promising future awaits.

On Saturday, October 7th, PLA cadets proved to be stronger as they challenged seven other Minnesota JROTC programs at the annual Great Northern All Team Sports (GNATS) event. With two teams representing Navy, one Army, one Marine Corps and four Air Force, the cadets competed in seven sports with shortened running times. As they moved through the challenges, the winners moved to the next event and the losers became spectators. The single-elimination tournament included seven sports: basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, football, soccer, kickball and tug of war.

The culminating event and the event which really showed “strength” and teamwork was the tug of war. The Powell Leadership Academy clearly demonstrated their strength by dominating and bringing home 10 team medals for their victory. Check out the final tug of war competition on General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy Facebook page

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