MTS Elementary instructor, Ms. McMahon, had an idea to bring an artist residency program into the school. “My students need time with this professional artist who will share her special skills!” She found an artist and a project—making crankie boxes which are moving stories—and now she’s looking for support to make it happen.

Our students are resilient, capable people seeking a great education that fits their needs. We are located in Northeast Minneapolis. Our students often enter school a little behind their national peers as many did not have the opportunity to attend preschool.

“Artistic abilities and sensibilities know no boundaries such as poverty, but many students never have the opportunity to explore their artistic side,” McMahon shared. “In our urban setting in Northeast Minneapolis, it’s imperative that we provide wide hands-on learning choices, including a variety of artistic styles, for our future leaders!”

Students do not always understand that they have great potential, but the teachers at MTS Elementary are working hard to change the mindsets that come with a wide array of serious challenges that many of their students have already faced. This project, in particular, will go a long way toward providing our students a world-class education.

MTCS schools believe that life is better with art.