MTCS’ new Superintendent brings 40 years of high-quality experience from running one of the largest districts in the state of Minnesota. Why is he at MTCS? Passion.

Denny Carlson retired two years ago so he could focus on training superintendents and potential superintendents. When the MTCS Board needed to find a new superintendent, Charlie Kyte, who conducts superintendent searches, recommended Denny. The Board decided to hire Denny’s educational consulting firm so he would be the acting Superintendent while they conducted a formal search.

As an educational consultant, Denny felt that he needed to help with the obstacles that MTCS’ school district was facing. Denny believed he could improve many aspects of MTCS, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to work at a charter school. That is, until he met Tami Schultz, curriculum director, and Mary Becker, human resources director. They talked about the school and the passion of the students, staff and faculty. After this conversation, Denny knew MTCS was the perfect place for him.

Denny is passionate about students’ success and providing education opportunities for all kids. It’s well known at MTCS that Denny has a soft spot for babies who come visit the District Office.

“Children really lift my spirit, and I want all of our kids here to have better opportunities in life,” said Denny. “I believe this can happen by providing a range of electives for students to choose from.”

Denny wants students to have classes that relate to real-life skills, from art and music to robotics and chemistry.

His vision for the school in the next five years is that every student will be in great condition to graduate; that they will continue to have good attendance; and that they will enjoy coming to class and participating in after-school activities with friends. What Denny loves most about the school is being around positive people and the energy everyone has when coming to MTCS every day.

When Denny isn’t at school, he plays in a rock-n-roll band, plays golf, goes out to eat with his wife and loves to watch football.