The Board of Directors continues to work this summer to keep MTCS moving forward.  The summer is a great time for rest, relaxation and refocusing.  Hopefully we have all experienced some of that.  

On July 28th at 4:45 at MTS Secondary the Board of Directors will be discussing potential changes to our bylaws.  These changes are centered around eligibility for serving on the Board of Directors.  We are specifically discussing our definition of “teacher member” as well as the building restriction that is currently in place in our Bylaws.  These changes are being discussed to ensure that our bylaws are clear, allow for operational efficiency and transparency for our community.

As the Board thinks carefully about these changes, we want to hear from the MTCS community.  There will be an open forum/public comment time at this meeting for the community to give their input.  The open forum will take place after an initial discussion by the board.

Thank you for being a part of our MTCS community. 

On behalf of the MTCS Board of Directors