When Minnesota Transitions Charter School began two decades ago it was a single institution serving a limited portion of north Minneapolis with a focus on students and smaller class sizes.  There was no thought of what it would become: a multi-school system meeting the needs of students at all grade levels, kindergarten through high school, and addressing a range of needs and interests.

With its MTCS elementary and high schools, its online education programs and focused schools, such as Banaadir and P.E.A.S.E. Academy, there will soon be another education initiative, the General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy.  Situated by MTCS High School, the new academy will concentrate on academic accomplishment and preparation for higher education.

Under the direction of Col. Neil Hetherington (Ret.), the Powell Leadership Academy will maintain a disciplined, military approach to the pursuit of educational achievement.

“We are currently enrolling 9th grade students to be part of the first class of the academy, starting this fall,” said Brostrom.

The Leadership Academy will follow the academic path that is the heart of the acclaimed Project Lead The Way curriculum.

At MTCS High School, a new engineering oriented program is being added, a product of the robotics work this year.  The Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) program will allow students to gain the knowledge and skills needed for them to pursue engineering oriented careers with further education.

In education, as in other areas of life, it is important to use one’s resources wisely and to become more efficient.  Starting with the coming school year, the MTCS Virtual High School staff and offices will move from St. Paul and be housed alongside MTCS High School in Minneapolis.  This will enhance opportunities for interaction among teachers from both schools and reduce operating costs.

“The MTCS story is far from complete,” said Superintendent Brostrom.  “We will continue to innovate and find additional ways in which we can increase our service to our students and help prepare them for careers and satisfying lives.”

Plans for celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of MTCS will be announced shortly and will feature opportunities for all to participate.