There are a lot of great reasons to be part of the MTCS Family of schools—with more than 3,000 students we can offer great resources, opportunities and experiences and our commitment to small class sizes with personalized learning means students get what they need to succeed. We have a lot to offer.

There’s also another benefit—community and fun. One of the great traditions here at MTCS is the Banaadir Academy versus MTCS Elementary basketball game –this is a K-5 aged competition and both schools are part of Minnesota Transitions Charter School. These school’s students look forward to this game all year, and all the students are bused to MTCS High School where the game is played.

Now there are a lot of loud basketball games in the MTCS gym, we were the State Champions a few years back, and we’ve heard some cheering, but nothing compares to the cheers at the MTCS Elementary/Banaadir game. The crowd is roaring, you can hear it through the whole school, feel it in the bottom of your feet, these students are excited!

Neck and neck, back and forth down the floor they run, classmates cheering them on, shots being made.

At half time, MTCS Elementary students perform jump roping.

MTCS High School Sports Academy students were the game officials and referees and MTCS High School students and staff watched through the windows. This was a community affair!

Well, MTCS Elementary won, but not by much, and it didn’t really lessen the fun one bit.

Interested in being a part of this vibrant K-12 community? We are accepting applications for Fall 2015.