Due to COVID 19 and in the interest of health and safety, all fall and winter athletics have been indefinitely postponed until further notice.
This includes the following activities:
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball (Moved to spring season by Minnesota State High School League)
  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Drill and Dance Team
On a positive note, we are looking forward to our new athletic facility being built at our MTS Secondary site. The new construction will provide new opportunities for our students and programs moving forward.
Feel free to contact Brian Llyod (blloyd@emailmtcs.org) if you have any further questions.
Be Well and Be safe. We are all in this together.

MTS Activities

School is more than just learning – MTS Secondary has a vibrant activity calendar that is active throughout the school year.

Interested in learning more or even signing up?

Contact Brian Lloyd – blloyd@emailmtcs.org

Boys group is a program that helps young boys work on character building and building community amongst the group. The Boys group also participates in fun activities and field trips as well as give back to the community with community service projects.

In order to join Deca students have to be interested in following these following careers, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, and management in grades nine through twelve. Deca students participate and compete in business management competitions against other schools. Deca Students also run the school store and concessions at school sporting events.

Digital Music is a club and a class where students learn how to write, produce, perform and create their own music.

In Digital photography student learn all the aspects of taking professional quality photos. Students learn about lighting, camera angles as well as career paths and job opportunities in digital photo. Students also take photos at school functions and sporting events for school publications. 

Students in the Digital video arts class learn how to create and edit and produce videos using professional grade software (Final cut HD). Digital Art students are exposed to career pathways in digital video and they also collaborate with students in the digital music program to create multimedia projects . 

Girls group is a program that helps young girls work on character building and building community amongst the group. The Girls group also participate in fun activities and field trips as well as give back to the community with community service projects.

Homework help is an after school workshop provided for students who need supplemental academic support. Students are identified by teachers and counselors and are referred to homework help to help improve academic outcomes for students.

Students in MTS UNL Drill Team Learn  drumming, music composition and dance to participate in parades and drill team competitions against other schools and Teams across the state of Minnesota and in other states.

Podcasting clubs are clubs where students create and broadcast their own podcast . Students broadcast school news, topics and other important info to the student body.

MTS Student Code of Conduct

It is the goal of this athletic program to offer the opportunity of participation to every student who has the ability and desire to do so. However, no student is obligated to take part in athletics, nor is participation in athletics required. It is also to be stressed that participation in MN Transitions athletic program is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. Since it is a privilege, the administration and coaching staff, in accordance with the MTS policy and due process procedures, has the authority to suspend or revoke the privilege when the rules and standards of this athletic program are not followed.

All athletes have the responsibility to give their best, play to win, follow training guidelines, and exhibit good conduct and fair play at all times so as to be a credit to their school. Athletes, as well as coaches, are always on display. We are judged by the company we keep. Our actions in everyday life, both private and public, are a direct reflection on this athletic program and our school.

During competition, an athlete:

  • Learns that both winning and losing are part of the game and learns to accept both. Be modest in victory; be gracious in defeat.
  • Has complete control of himself/herself at all times. Horseplay, display of temper, use of profanity, and disrespect for coaches, officials, or opponents will result in loss of respect for the athlete and in disciplinary action from the coach. An athlete ejected from a competition will serve a minimum one game suspension unless team video can provide evidence for the Athletic Director to overturn suspension. Any member of a team that leaves the bench during an altercation may also be subject to consequences.

In the classroom, an athlete:

  • Must realize that he/she is a student first, an athlete second. The student-athlete must give time and energy to classroom studies to ensure good and acceptable grades that meet the MTS requirements for participation.
  • Must maintain a satisfactory citizenship and behavior record by giving respectful attention to classroom activities and by treating teachers, administrators and fellow students with respect. Tardiness and horseplay are unacceptable behavior habits that, if uncorrected by the student-athlete, may result in suspension from the athletic program.

During team travel, an athlete will:

  1. Travel to and from all away contests with the team. If an extenuating circumstance arises and an athlete needs to ride home with parents/guardians, this must cleared with the coach before leaving for the contest and a written release must be given from one of your parents/guardians to the coach. Under no circumstances will you be released to ride with anyone other than your parents, or a person designated by your family.
  2. Dress neatly and properly on all trips. Coaches will advise you regarding the proper attire. Conduct himself/herself properly on the school bus or in any school vehicle. He/she will follow the printed rules for bus ridership that govern all MTS bus riders.
  3. Be informed of departure and return times. It is your responsibility to be on time for all departures and to inform your parents of the time to pick you up after the contest. Every effort will be made by the coaching staff to notify proper personnel as to unexpected changes in arrival time.
  4. Only coaches, players, athletic trainers, and/or school administrators are allowed to ride the team bus. Coaches may not use personal vehicles to transport students.

Athlete/Parent/Coach Communication Process:

If at any time, an athlete or parent has an issue/concern with a coach or program, the below process should be followed:

  1. Athlete meets with the coach to discuss the problem
  2. Parents and/or athlete meet with the coach
  3. Parents and/or athlete meet with the Activities Director/Principal

Coaches should never be approached to discuss a problem or complaint immediately following a game.

Minnesota State High School League requirements for eligibility –


Minnesota Transitions academic requirements –

Students wishing to participate in extra-curricular activities must be making academic progress towards graduation.

  1. Must be passing 6 classes per quarter.
  2. If failing 2 or more classes at mid-term, student is not eligible until grade has improved.
  3. If student fails 2 or more classes for the quarter they are ineligible until mid-term grades of the next quarter (need to meet requirements at mid-term).
  4. If a student is suspended (in-school or out) they are not eligible to participate in practice or games until the next day after the suspension is completed.

Interested in MTS Activities?