We can hardly wait for each February, to begin a special month-long study and celebration of Black History here at MTCS. All year we celebrate the important ways people of color have helped create the remarkable world we live in—but February is a special time when we create events, invite families in, and honor and celebrate important achievements that helped bring us to where we are now and where we must still go.

Each of our schools will have special celebrations and gatherings, so please check your school’s calendar to see what is happening. And be sure to follow us on social media (you can find the icons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube right on the top right side of your school or the District’s website, mtcs.org) and see various people that we are highlighting during this month.

MTCS students and staff create a month-long study of important impact of black lives in our history, arts, culture, education and lives. In the classrooms this comes to life in a variety of special projects.

We hope you will celebrate the many ways black lives have transformed us and history. We are so proud of our students and believe that in the future we will be highlighting some of the important things they have accomplished.