Minnesota Virtual Middle School

Created with a middle-schooler in mind.

Middle school at Minnesota Virtual Schools is a fantastic blend of independence and community. Each student has an opportunity to work their own schedule and pace, with some times during the week when the entire class comes together—synced learning style. This way, we help students develop strong online habits and offer them a peer community. It works.

At MNVS You can tackle school on your own terms with as much support and personal attention as you need.

MNVS is a great MN local program with classes created by our teachers. We offer classes at all levels so if you’re ahead (honors level) or need a little more help, we make it work for you.  Providing organization and structure, and relationships with teachers and staff is what we are all about.  As one student said, “My teachers at Minnesota Virtual High School really know me and they really care how I am doing.”

So much is a challenge right now, the last thing you need is for distance learning to be difficult, too.  Minnesota Virtual Schools (MNVS) has 20 years of experience, with MN local staff to personally support each student. Tuition-free, public school with total schedule flexibility, and your own computer.

We believe all students should have access to great education that isn’t limited to where they live or when they’re able to go to school with personal attention and support to make school work.  We do online better.

MNVMS is a tuition-free, public school and a member of the Minnesota Transitions Charter School (MTCS), a K-12 academic community. Our students live in Minnesota cities throughout the state. Eligible middle school students live in Minnesota and are in grades 6-8 (Minnesota Virtual High school is for grades 9-12).

There are a lot of reasons students choose a virtual learning, like:

  • Need for a flexible schedule
  • Health reasons
  • Desire for a quicker or slower pace
  • Regular one-to-one help with licensed teacher when you need it
  • Elimination of peer distractions during educational time
  • Distance learning in a home district just isn’t working

In order to be eligible to enroll in MNVMS, students must live in Minnesota and be in grades 6-8.

Successful Student

We work hard to support every student so they are successful at MNVS.  Here are some things that we encourage and help students achieve so they are successful in virtual school:

  • Build habits to develop an internal drive to stay focused and on task.
  • Expect about six hours for each school day
  • Follows teacher created schedules on a weekly basis
  • Asks teachers when they have questions(they love to talk with students!)
  • Communicates with their academic coach(who are awesome and really care!)
  • Is accountable to their parent/guardian

Our Staff

Our local MN staff makes MNVS wonderful. Our teachers create their own curriculum and they really care.  Teachers are available for help during regular school hours and by appointment at other times; each teacher has set aside specific chat hours for immediate help. Teachers use chat, phone, email and a shared-screen program as needed to communicate with students. They want to meet students where they’re at and help them complete their courses successfully.

Each student is assigned an student support specialist, and they are the main point of contact for families and oversee attendance compliance.


All content material is online and meets state education requirements, and it was created by our own teachers and it’s our pledge that you will find it more interesting and engaging than other online schools. Assessments are taken or uploaded & submitted online. There is a lot of reading, some integrated videos, and no recorded lectures.

We recommend following teacher-created schedules, though students can work at their own pace. Students may work more quickly in certain classes, more slowly in others, not needing to keep pace with any other students. The attendance requirement must be met and classes completed by the end of the term. Students can work 24/7 beginning the morning of their start date until the end of term. Students are required to attend direct instruction each school day at the assigned time for their grade. Each core teacher will have instruction once a week at the scheduled time.

Special Education

We provide an array of special education services in an online setting including IEP evaluations and case management. Our special education teachers implement direct instruction in Language Arts, Math, Social Skills and Life Skills. A full-time paraprofessional assists students in tasks determined during IEP meetings. Contracted service providers are utilized as needed.

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