At Minnesota Virtual Schools, we have several different club offerings for students to engage in. From cooking to crafting, students will engage in weekly meetings where they will learn new skills, share knowledge, make friends and have fun!

Anime Club meets weekly and is set up so club members watch an episode of anime together. A discussion and breakdown of each episode follows the viewing. Members discuss and relate the episodes’ theme, plot, and characters to things going on in club members lives. Members also make connections and discuss cultural differences and similarities within each episode.

Anime club also provides a platform for club members to share their art or fan fiction with one another. Club members are planning to attend an in-person Anime convention in May when it comes to the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Arts & Crafts Club meets weekly and provides a platform for club members to work on a common shared arts & crafts project together, as well as giving members the opportunity to share individualized arts & crafts projects with each other. Members can share as little or as much about their personal projects with one another, but the club provides an opportunity to talk about, get feedback on, and show off the unique things each member has worked on throughout time. The common shared project is decided on as a club and sent home for each member to work on inside and outside of club meeting times. A new shared project is sent home monthly and provided by free of charge by MNVS. Working on this project during meeting times allows club members a time to connect and talk about the various techniques they use to complete their project.

Cat Club meets weekly and provides a format for members to talk about and share their love cats! Members talk about their cats, share photos/videos of their cats, discuss cat behaviors, etc. Cat Club allows MNVS students to engage with and create connections with each other all because of their feline friends. Members are able to share their cat stories with each other and discuss training techniques with one another. It is a fun way to foster connections with peers and with staff. Cat Club offers a relaxed format for students to be themselves and to get to know each other. Cat Club plans to bring in various cat experts and guest speakers from across the state. These speakers will share their knowledge of cat things with students and will allow students to further their education about all things cat!

Cooking Club meets weekly and provides an opportunity for students to get together and share recipes and cooking techniques with one another. Club members are able to talk about various things that they like to cook and share tips and tricks of how they prepare their meal, food, desserts, etc of choice. In addition to sharing and connecting with each other over a universal love of food, club members are also shipped, free of charge, a monthly meal that members prepare on their own. Club members talk about how the meal preparation went during weekly meetings and talk about what worked and what didn’t work during their preparation. Also, once a month one club member volunteers and has an opportunity to cook a meal, of their choosing, for their fellow club members. This is an opportunity for club members to prepare a meal in a live format and show off their culinary skills to the rest of the group.

Fitness Club provides an opportunity for students to embark on a journey to a healthier, more energetic you? Fitness Club at provides a format for MNVS students to have a transformative adventure that celebrates the joy of fitness and well-being! The Fitness Club is your gateway to exploring effective workouts, sharing wellness tips, and diving into the fantastic world of a healthier lifestyle. At Fitness Club, we’re committed to creating an inspiring, inclusive, and welcoming space where your passion for a fit and active life can flourish. Students of all fitness levels, from true beginners to advanced, are encouraged to join. Get ready to elevate your fitness game and join a community of people with the same interests as you! The Fitness Club aims to create a vibrant community where students can come together to discuss their fitness journeys, share workout tips, and stay motivated in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. Fitness Club provides students, free of charge, with a piece of workout equipment called a RipStick. This is equipment that students can use in their homes and help them get started on their fitness journey!