Graduation Requirements

You must meet all credit and testing requirements to be eligible for graduation.

Minnesota Virtual High School requires 64.5 credits to graduate. One class equals 1.5 credits, with the exception of Orientation.

Subject Credits Time
English 12 Credits 4 Years
Social Studies 12 Credits 4 Years
World Geography; World History A,B, American History A,B; Economics; US Government; Social Studies Elective
Math 9 Credits 3 Years
Geometry A,B; Algebra 2 A,B; Probability & Statistics; Math Elective
Science 9 Credits 3 Years
Integrated Physical Science A,B; Biology A,B; Chemistry A,B
Fine Arts 3 Credits 1 Year
Physical Education/Health 3 Credits 1 Year
General Electives 16.5 Credits
Total Credits: 64.5