K-5 online learning
unique to your community.

MNVS Elementary School

NEW K-5 Elementary Program

MN Virtual Elementary is a very innovative online program tailored to uniquely meet the needs of young children, families and your community.  We work with families to hire a learning partner to coordinate online school using Minnesota Virtual Schools teachers and curriculum. This means that we would work with you to create a small school group where your children and others work with someone you trust. They would learn from our amazing teachers and curriculum, stay engaged and excited about school, while being in a warm, safe and nurturing environment. School can happen in homes, community centers or other public spaces.

Young children need supervision, encouragement, hands on learning and experiences to thrive. MN Virtual Elementary provides all this, so you can trust that your child is learning with people you know and trust.

We’ve been doing online learning for twenty years and are adding K-5 because we created a way to teach younger students in a way we believe in. MNVS believes that young children benefit from working together .

Minnesota Virtual Elementary Schools - The online school that works with you!

What you need

is our focus

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The education is all online, but children work in small groups with a learning partner who is paid by Minnesota Virtual Schools.

MNVS really is better than other online schools.  We listened to what parents need for their children and created MN Virtual Elementary.

  • Free.  No cost to you.
  • School with teachers and learning partners to provide as much support as students need.
  • School supplied Chromebook.
  • Engaging curriculum.
  • Local staff and curriculum that are better—to meet your expectations.
  • Flexibility to partner with community organizations to provide online school away from home.
  • Ability to work with community
  • 20 years of online education experience.

Wonderful education and the personal approach you are looking for with a community focus.

A great school with a community focus.

We are a school, not a business—a true community—with the flexibility to make school work for you the way you need it to. We really care about our students and families.

Your student can go to school in the way that matters to you while getting a great education.

The elementary curriculum is fantastic and very engaging. Students will engage in core content, as well as specials such as music, art, keyboarding, and physical education. We also have a great Middle and High School program at MNVS that allows for students to continue all the way through grade 12 with their online education.

The learning partner, along with teachers and support specialists, help every student succeed — it’s like having your own personal learning guide.

Make school work for your family.

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