Life is about being open and prepared for possibilities and opportunities. Minnesota Virtual High School student, Eva Igo, was both when World of Dance producers approached her about being part of the NBC reality show. She was not only part of it, she made it to the finale and performed what the judges thought was the best performance of the night.

Eva had a network of supporters that allowed her to soar on the show, first and foremost, her mother, Dawn, and Michele Larkin Wagner, her MN dance teacher and choreographer. Behind the scenes, WOD staff worked on her performances by adding props, costumes and camera direction, and MVHS staff supported Eva academically.

MVHS staff “helped a lot. They were always accessible and some teachers were even available at 10 o’clock at night. So, that was nice,” said Eva with a big smile.

Even though Eva was busy preparing for and filming the show, she still needed to keep up with her school work. The show made “you do hours of school in a room with all the other minors,” Eva explained. To follow California state law, they worked an average of three hours a day on school, with some days longer to compensate for the busy schedule of show days.

So, what made Eva choose online school and why did the family pick MVHS?

“I always knew about online school. And then, things were getting busy with dance, and I wanted to do more with dancing, so I went online,” said Eva.

NBC’s World of Dance Eva Igo and MN Virtual High School“When I was looking into the different types of online schools,” explains Dawn, “MN Virtual High School came as the most regarded and recommended by other parents and other students, because of its accessibility, technology and enjoyable content.”

For Eva, MVHS is the right choice for her because of three things: accessibility, flexibility and scheduling. “You can get to the teachers anytime you want and the classes are always there.”

In addition, MVHS’s flexibility and scheduling makes school less stressful and more joyful for Eva, a girl who has a infectious smile and huge laugh. “The school calendar rearranges if you need it. If you are busy one day, the calendar moves assignments back for you unless you mark them completed. Everything is due at the end of the semester.”

Dawn explained that prior to coming to MVHS “accessing teachers was difficult because you would have to go early or after school. Who is not rushed in the morning? And then after school, she was always rushing to get to dance,” said Dawn. Virtual staff respond “pretty instantly.”

For Dawn, her experience as a parent with MVHS has been positive. “We get emails, updates and snapshots of where they are. It makes it really simple to say, ‘This is what they are seeing, what do you need to do?” said Dawn laughingly, because Eva “really is an easy student to deal with. I nag out of habit and her response is, ‘I got it.’”

And, Eva has got it. She’s got a bright future ahead of her filled with possibilities and opportunities.

Eva is part of the WOD tour and recently performed in Thousand Oaks, Anaheim and San Jose, California. Per state law and the Minnesota Department of Education, public school students cannot be on extended trips out of Minnesota and remain enrolled. Students must return to MN weekly to maintain enrollment at MVHS.