Minnesota Virtual Schools has a great opportunity for students!  Right now MNVS is looking for interested Esports athletes to be on its various teams.  The MNVS Esports team is a great way to get to know fellow students, have fun, and compete.  The new spring season starts  Feb. 14 and continues until Apr. 10 with playoffs beginning April 18.   Both middle school and high school teams are available.

Learn more about the games here:

High School:  https://www.highschoolesportsleague.com/spring-major

Middle School: https://middleschoolesports.com/spring-major

We had our first ever middle school Rocket League team make it to the playoffs in the fall.  We plan on having that same team continue this spring and look forward to other students to show interest in the other teams available.

Students practice weekly and compete at regularly scheduled games during the week. The competitions offer a valuable insight to how well practice strategies are working and allow students to adjust and try new ideas during the practice week.

All of our students have been super excited about participating in Esports, and for many students this was the first time they have been on any form of organized sporting activity.

Interested? Reach out to Coach Nelson at snelson@emailmtcs.org to get more information.