Greetings, families and students of MVHS!

As we approach the beginning of another school year, I would like to thank your participation in our school community. If you are a returning family, we’re excited to continue our work together to help our students reach their academic and developmental goals, and we’re so proud of the hard work and dedication our students put toward their individual success. If you are new to our school, welcome and we are joyful at the prospect of being able to get to know your family and help you with your educational journey.

I want to take a moment to mention a couple of the more significant changes that are taking place in the upcoming school year, as we’re very excited about what we believe are the expanded opportunities to better meet the needs of all students who want to participate in our school.

First, we’re excited to announce that we’re adding 6th grade to the range of students that we are accepting for the this  year. We hope that adding an additional grade to the population of students we serve will give an opportunity for school success to another group of students who need an alternative to traditional education, so we are committed to reaching out to those students who need our support and working with them to make sure they have every opportunity to succeed.

In addition, we’re changing the way that all of our middle school courses will be scheduled, which will include allowing our students to collaborate with their peers both via synchronous instruction in their courses and with live instruction scheduled for all of the core courses that our middle school students are taking. We believe that some added structure and collaborative learning is just the right level of support that our middle school students need to thrive in our student-centered school environment, so further committing to providing that support is going to be a great addition to our learning community.

Finally, with the changes to the grade ranges and the type of programming changes we’re implementing, we are going to change the way we describe our school to better reflect who we are and who we serve. Going forward our programming will be divided into two separate identities that share a common purpose: MN Virtual High School and MN Virtual Middle School. Both of these programs will exist under the umbrella of MN Virtual Schools.

While we know that sometimes changes can create some anxiety and nervousness, we anticipate that you’re going to love what we have prepared for our students going forward and will continue to commit to working diligently to earn your support and trust every day. We’re excited about the future of not only our collective community, but each of our members. Let’s keep making a difference. Let’s commit to reaching our dreams. We’ll do it together!

Bill Glenz
School Director
MN Virtual Schools

Download the Welcome Back Letter (PDF)