Banaadir Academy’s graduating class of 2023 was the reason for the celebration in the Banaadir school gym—with banners, streamers and sixteen students on the verge of high school graduation.  School Counselor, Hannah Ramsey arranged the event and has been supporting the students all year to stay on track to graduate, and plan for what’s next.  

Most of these almost-graduates are planning to go to college in the fall, to study business, computer science, nursing, teaching and more. They’ve worked hard with Counselor Ramsey and other staff to get scholarships and special grants to make college work financially for families.  Some students even participated in PSEO, which puts them further into their college journey.

This event was made even more special by Counselor Ramsey taking the time to present a t-shirt and a certificate to each student and share a bit about what they were planning for their future.  It was a real celebration of making dreams a reality.  Nearly all of the students are the first generation of young people to go to college in this country.

District and Banaadir staff cheered from the bleachers. Proud to be part of their big decisions and plans.  This event celebrated education and what’s possible!  Now on to 2023 graduation—Congratulations class of 2023!