MTCS High School student, Amanda, likes to write all kinds of things, especially stories. And this month, Amanda won the Scholastic Action’s Haiku poetry writing contest which honored her with a generous gift card, and recognition as a winner on Scholastic Action’s website. “Her entry was well-written and very poetic,” Scholastic said of her Haiku.

Here is her award-winning poem:

                                                                         Land full of darkness,
                                                                            One star, two stars, three stars, four
                                                                                                    Wish this darkness gone. 

This is just one of the ways Amanda stands out at MTCS High School.

She is also in the JROTC Leadership Academy program and is frequently awarded and acknowledged in ceremonies. “She is an awesome Cadet” Leadership Director, Colonel Hetherington said. “Amanda lives the cadet creed, and is very respectful, and hardworking.” Because of the kind of person she is in the program she has earned important leadership positions in the JROTC program early. She was promoted to Corporal and put in a squad leader position.

Expect more great things from Amanda.