In an effort to share as much information as possible with you about the items the board is working on we will send updates informing you of our progress. The Board of Directors has two major items in front of them currently, the creation of a Strategic Plan for MTCS as well as a search for the executive director. Both of which need your input in order for the board to make an informed decision. We will be asking that you participate as you are able in responding to multiple surveys that will be sent out to help us gather feedback and information. We will also include some additional listening sessions to ensure that all feedback is heard.

Our Strategic Planning work is beginning in February, the board has engaged with MSBA (Minnesota School Board Association) to assist with this effort to ensure this process is as beneficial as possible. This work will be done by a committee that will consist of Students (from secondary programs), staff, community members (which includes parents), administrators and the board of directors. We will host multiple listening sessions on February 3rd. These sessions will allow for students, staff, community members, parents, administrators and board members to provide feedback on MTCS. These sessions are critical to ensuring that all stakeholders at MTCS are a part of our conversation for creating a new Strategic Plan. There will also be an online survey that will ask you to reflect and answer questions on MTCS as it currently is and as you envision it in the future. This work will take place over the months of February and March with a conclusion to the process ending in April. The Co-executive directors and I are working now to ensure all of the groundwork is completed so that this process can begin and run smoothly.

The Board has made the decision to begin the search process for the permanent Executive Director/Superintendent. Currently the board executive committee is working on reaching out to search firms and requesting proposals for MTCS. Once all of these are reviewed our board executive committee will make a recommendation and it will be presented to the board in January at the Regular meeting on January 27th. These firms will ensure that all stakeholder groups are engaged in the process and are able to provide some feedback that can help shape the search. The MTCS Board of Directors is committed to listening to staff, student, and community feedback as they work through this process. This process is just getting started and we have a plethora of decisions to make but the board is focused and actively working on finding the best Executive Director/Superintendent possible for MTCS.

Thank you for all that you are and mean to MTCS

MTCS Board of Directors