Executive Director, Shawn Fondow welcomed more than 220 returning and new staff to Minnesota Transitions Charter School with its seven programs.  Staff gathered around the beautiful MTS Secondary cafeteria—all together again for the first time since 2019.  Mr. Fondow asked for a time of silence to recognize that we are in this beautiful building because of the terrible destruction of our school and the tragic loss of George Floyd’s life.

This incredible team gathered to share, explore and prepare to bring personalized learning to hundreds of students all around the state of Minnesota, with Minnesota Virtual Schools, and the metro area with six campuses each with unique programming.  “It takes a team to do what we do,” Fondow said, “every one of our families has a choice about where they go to school, they chose us, and it is our job to serve and support them.”

This is what MTCS schools are all about—meeting each student exactly where they are, and making school fit them, so they can learn and thrive academically and with the skills they need for life.

That also means, as teachers and staff, people are not only allowed but encouraged to bring their creativity and talents to school and provide important experiences and opportunities to students.  We pride ourselves on being a place for people who want to make a difference in the lives of young people.

Be you, we say to our students and our staff.  This is a great place to be your best self!  We wish everyone a wonderful 2022/23 School year.   See you on Tuesday, September 6!